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If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, it will become good, and produce better fruit. Therefore, children must be given good training from their earliest childhood.

This is what we at URCPMHSS are striving to do, Our role is identical to that of a gardener and we strive to perform this role to the best of our ability by nurturing these ‘seeds’ at school so that they bear the “ Best Fruits ” in the years to come.

I am very grateful to each and every member of the URCPMHSS Fraternity Our Staff who know very well how to synchronize and harmonize with our process of growth. Our Students who constantly show by their performance and conduct that it makes a difference to be a student of URCPMHSS; and last but not the least Our Parents whose trust inspires us to move ahead...

Mr. T. Loganathan B.Sc is the Administrative Officer of the School.



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