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The School follows methodology suitable for the age group of the student concerned. The medium of instruction is English. Other languages like Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit are also taught as second languages. All classes are enabled with interactive white boards which open the world to a myriad of online videos and content for each and every topic, thus making both teaching and learning fun and interesting.


For the KG students, the School follows the Chrysalis curriculum, Thinkmate. This is a systematically tested curriculum, where it greatly helps the students to refine their fine mortar, listening, reading, speaking, social and imaginative skills entirely through play way method of learning.

CLASSES 1 to 9

For Classes 1 to 9, Samacheer syllabus, recommended by the government is being followed. Lot of activities are done, both in-class and out of class. Students are encouraged to participate in a number of exhibitions, talent competitions, etc. to hone their academic expertise and exposure.

For improving the students' computer skills in the Information Era, the School follows EzVidya's ICT curriculum for the Computer Science classes. Through this curriculum, the School ensures that the budding URCians are able to keep upbreast with the changing information technology.

CLASSES 10, 11 & 12

For Classes 10 to 12, the Tamilnadu Board Examination syllabus is followed. Special coaching with the best experienced staff in the various subjects, is given.


EzVidya is an Indian educational research and innovation organisation, which is focused on giving quality educational solutions to the Indian Schools. Its clientele includes IBM, AIF, Dell, NOKIA, etc. The flagship solution of EzVidya is Chrysalis, a transformational 21st century curriculum, technology and pedagogic solution.

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