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The School's Discipline Committee has formulated the following Code of Practice for students. Every student of the School is entitled to follow the rules. In case of misbehaviour, penalty has to be faced.

  • Respecting oneself and others.

  • Coming to School in neat uniform.

  • Being punctual to School.

  • Speaking in English inside the School campus.

  • Using School property with great care.

  • Driving motored vehicles to School is strictly prohibited. Disobeyance will be penalised.

  • Carrying all sorts of electronic gadgets and too much cash to School is prohibited.

  • Using abusive language inside the School premises is punishable.

  • Involving in any kind of malpractice during examinations and in report cards will result in severe action against the student.

  • Following all instructions provided by the School.

  • Avoiding indulging in any kind of derrogatory activities against School

  • Taking part in all activities of the School, with full involvement and enthusiasm

Penalty for indiscipline:

  • Suspension of students with fine for damaging the School property.

  • Suspension of students in case of misbehavior.

For any case of misbehaniour, decision by the Discipline Committee of the School will be final.

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